Still Waiting... (2009)

Full (88 min) | Comedy | Original Sound
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Still Waiting... - Still Waiting...

On the last night of the fiscal quarter, Dennis, Shenanigan&#39s manager, will be promoted to district manager if they have a $9000 day. To motivate the crew, he tells them the restaurant will close if they don&#39t meet this goal. His competition is next door: Ta-Ta&#39s, a bar with scantily clad waitresses, managed by the newly self-confident Calvin. At Ta-Ta&#39s, it&#39s Allison&#39s first day; she&#39s nervous. At Shenanigan&#39s, Mason, a cook, is trying his best to be cool, without success. As the shift wears on, each employee faces his worst fears, and Dennis tries to learn how to attract women. Next door, Calvin and Allison make self discoveries. It all ends at the post-shift party.

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