Le secret du monde englouti (2008)

Full (90 min) | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Original Sound
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Le secret du monde englouti - Le secret du monde englouti

In 2048, global warming caused the sea level to raise high above most cities. John Kubiak runs a salvage business with his adopted orphan sons, cocky Jack and erudite, cautious Thomas. Yet top priority, above profit, is a secret project for New Vatican cardinal Battaglia which even the boys only learn about when it kills John. It&#39s retrieving the pharaonic scepter of Sobek, according to legend commanding the sea-level. The Kubiaks&#39 ruthless rival in this relic hunt is against real estate super-tycoon Nicholas Filiminov, who also recruited Jack&#39s ex, Giovanna Becker, by promising to finance her geological sea control research.

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