Delicious Room Salon Service (2018)

67 min () | Adult, Drama, Romance, 18+ Korean | Othersub
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Country: South Korea

Delicious Room Salon Service - 룸싸롱 맛있는 서비스 (rum-ssa-long mas-iss-neun seo-bi-seu)

“Our store is different, come and experience a new kind of service!”

A room salon isn’t doing well. There’s only Min-joo on duty. One day, a beautiful girl called Joo-hee comes looking for a job and Min-joo and her boss gets her to work as a call-girl. The store soon becomes famous for its luxurious treatment and service and sales increase. The owner suggests they move up to Gangnam and they all get excited…

Delicious Room Salon Service (2018) 룸싸롱 맛있는 서비스

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