1h 39min 7.8Kung fu

Kung fu

1h 30min 6.6Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2

1h 48min 4.8Cannonball Run II

Cannonball Run II

1h 39min 7.9Ying xiong

Ying xiong

1h 30min 8.2Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction

1h 42min 7.6Jui kuen II

Jui kuen II

1h 45min 7.5&#39A&#39 gai wak

&#39A&#39 gai wak

1h 27min 6.3TMNT


1h 25min 6Game of Death

Game of Death

1h 31min 4.7Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast

1h 27min 3.6Four Assassins

Four Assassins

1h 54min 6.2Shanghai Knights

Shanghai Knights

1h 48min 7.6Yip Man 2

Yip Man 2

1h 46min 8.1Yip Man

Yip Man

1h 32min 5.6Chek law dak gung

Chek law dak gung

1h 28min 5.1The Medallion

The Medallion

1h 44min 6.4Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons